The results

Examples of Synergy’s Impact

Synergy provides it nonprofit clients with tele-fundraising and direct marketing solutions that are custom-designed to maximize donor loyalty, minimize attrition and optimize your return on investment. Here are a few illustrations of our success, but we invite you to contact us for more in-depth detail.

case studies

The Proof is in the Numbers

Synergy does not rely on anecdotes, but on analytics! Our decision-making process is supported entirely by empirical data, and the success of any given campaign is backed up by the numbers. These case illustrations are just a few examples of the positive net impact that Synergy can generate for your organization.

Text Messaging

Text messaging can be very cost-effective in recruiting and maintaining a healthy base of recurring monthly donors, as this study has shown.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging reaches donors that aren’t reading your mail or emails. It produces a sizable lift in response at the end of a campaign, especially one with a looming deadline.

Donor Conference Call

When COVID forced the world to largely shut down, nonprofits struggled with how to communicate with their donors. One large nonprofit decided to conduct an interactive Donor Conference Call to “check in” with donors and determine how they were doing and what they needed.

Donor Conference Call

Donor Conference calls were an excellent way to connect the President of the Nonprofit directly with hundreds or even thousands of donors. the Conference Calls provided a way to get immediate feedback from donors, to learn how they were doing and what they needed.

Broadcast Voice Messaging

A Broadcast Voice Message that is delivered immediately before a mailing arrives in home creates greater awareness. More letters get opened and incremental response is realized.