Mid-Level Donor Engagement case study

The Value of Engagement vs. Non-Engagement

A managed account with regular engagement is significantly more valuable than one with no engagement, as this example shows.



Determine the impact on revenue for donors we ‘engaged’ with versus those who we ‘did not engage’ with.



Donors who were included in mid-level portfolio for at least 12 months were evaluated. Anyone who had a ‘2-way’ interaction with a Synergy Relationship Manager via phone call, email, text message, or letter were part of the ‘engaged’ cohort. Everyone else was part of the ‘not engaged’ cohort.



Donors ‘engaged’ with;

  1. Generated 20% more revenue (YOY) while those not engaged with lost 5%.
  2. Had a 40% increase (YOY) in average gift while those not engaged with had only a 19% increase.
  3. Averaged 33% more ($) overall per year while those not engaged with saw only a 13% increase.

the results

Engaged vs. Not Engaging

Engaged (CY21)Did Not Engage (CY21)
Portfolio Total ($)$1,567,565$881,213
YOY % Change20%-5%
Average Gift$1,173$841
YOY % Change40%19%
Avg. Per Unique Donor$2,670$1,836
YOY % Change33%13%