A New Approach To Tele Servicing
Synergy provides its nonprofit clients with
tele-funding and direct marketing
solutions that maximize donor loyalty and
return on investment. Every strategy
Synergy recommends is rigorously
evaluated not only in terms of its
immediate results but also on its impact
on long term giving. Our
recommendations are data-driven, and
their impact is completely measurable.

Synergy is different from most tele-
funding providers. How? We work as
hard to identify the donors who
shouldn’t be called as we do target
those who should. We call it our
“Smart Select” strategy, and it
results in higher returns on
investment, lower costs, and
happier donors for our clients!
Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions is your answer to Engage Better! For more information on how you can engage your donors better, contact us today! Info@synergydms.com
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

The Synergy model is totally unique. Unlike most telemarketing companies, Synergy won’t try to sell you as many phone calls possible. Instead, we work to understand your marketing objectives and then design a strategy that achieves them, as cost effectively as possible. We provide all scripting and creative services for your telemarketing needs. We also manage the execution of the programs.  Some of our best selling products are our custom tailored to suit the needs of the individual client.  Our conference calls are highly customized and creates a unique experience for the donors and the “guest speakers”.