Mid-Level Donor Engagement

Mid-Level Donor Engagement

WHAT IF you could give your mid-level donors one-to-one personalized attention — similar to that of your MAJOR donors? … and do it cost-effectively?

Mid-Level donors represent a substantial portion of the typical nonprofits’ revenue base. More importantly, many Mid-Level donors have the capacity to make transformational donations of very large or legacy gifts.

  • Synergy analyzes your mid-level donors and identifies the donors who have the greatest probability of making a transformational gift.
  • We develop a custom communications strategy that seamlessly integrates with the messaging the donors receive through your mail and digital programs.
  • We hire (with client approval) and manage a Relationship Manager who works to build personal relationships with your donors. She helps the donors optimize their support in ways that meet their personal giving objectives, and they report back on the fruits of their support.
  • We provide detailed Activity Reports and Analytics that provide deep insights into your donors, their interests, and motivations.
  • Synergy develops and manages our program in close coordination with your team and for all practical purposes, becomes an integral part of your team.

Synergy is the College Fund’s partner of choice for our mid-level donor engagement/cultivation program. We value Synergy’s forward thinking, transparency and accountability. They constantly propose new ideas and innovations. Our mid-level relationship managers are truly an extension of our team – they know our donors well and they do a wonderful job of deepening and strengthening our donors’ commitment to our mission.