Outbound Services

Outbound Tele-Fundraising

Synergy has been a leading provider of Outbound Tele-Fundraising solutions since 2002. We do not operate a call center. Rather, we partner with the best outbound call centers in the industry. That allows us to focus 100% on developing strategy, optimizing performance, and maximizing call quality.

We know how to maximize Conversion Rates and Average Gifts, while providing a great “experience” for donors.

We help you select the best call center partner for your unique needs. We guide you through the entire process including Budget and Projections, Integration Strategy, Script Development, Training and Testing, File Management / Penetration, Fulfillment Optimization, and more.

We know the secrets to building World Class programs to:

  • Generate incremental revenue from Active Donors
  • Convert more New Donors to Multi-Donors
  • Acquire New Donors
  • Reactive Lapsed Donors
  • Recruit Sustaining Donors

Let Synergy help you navigate the process, build donor loyalty, and optimize your results.

Synergy is fully invested in our mission, beginning with a top-notch client services team that helps us innovate and commits to excellence. The solution Synergy brought to us for our outbound tele-fundraising was both donor centric and highly effective, allowing us to re-engage our sustainers more efficiently than ever before. Synergy also helped design very impactful “Welcome Series” and “Gratitude Series” messaging via broadcast voice, which has helped improve retention and long-term value. Simply put, Synergy’s foresight and strategic recommendations helps us outpace change in the coming years.

“Peer to Peer” Text Messaging

Synergy’s turnkey “Peer to Peer” Text Messaging solution is state of the art, and is unlike any other texting solution in the marketplace.

  • Our custom platform maximizes text delivery with an average delivery rate of of 92%+ on average.
  • Texts are delivered by live people, not an automatic dialer. This means we can
    deliver messages to “Appended” Cell numbers and recipients can text back to us, creating a true “conversation”.
  • Synergy provides strategic guidance through every step of the process. We have produced hundreds of Text campaigns and we test incessantly! As a result, we have built a robust base of best practices. We know how to manage audiences for optimal response. We write messages that work. We understand the importance of cadence and integration.
  • Finally, we provide robust reporting and analysis that allows us to continually refine your program and optimize results and “impact”!
Delivered Texts

A sudden, devastating Central American earthquake created a humanitarian need that demanded IMMEDIATE ACTION.

$ 55500
Net Income

Within 24 hours an emergency text message for help went out to a donor audience. Their response was swift and generous!

10 : 1
Return on Investment!

The affordable cost of the outreach effort, immediacy of delivery and ease of donation remittance through a cell phone landing page combined into an overwhelming response and remarkable ROI!

Synergy helped us integrate “Peer to Peer” texting into our donor development strategy. Their strategic approach has allowed us to bridge the gap between our traditional and digital marketing programs. Our texting program is driving incremental net revenue, reactivating donors, acquiring new sustainers, and achieving other objectives. The Synergy team is highly responsive, professional, and dedicated to our mission.

Broadcast Voice Messaging

Synergy’s Broadcast Voice Messaging (BVM) allows you to quickly reach out to your donors. A 30-60 second pre-recorded message by your President or other spokesperson is delivered over a landline to a live person or on an answering machine or directly into a cell phone voice mailbox. Messages can be set up and delivered in less than 24 hours in an emergency.

  • A Broadcast Voice Message delivered immediately before a mailing arrives in home increases awareness. As a result, more letters get opened and response increases. Typically, Broadcast Voice Messages increase net income from the mailing by 20% or more, including the cost of the BVM.
  • BVMs delivered as a part of a “New Donor Welcome” strategy can increase 2nd Gift conversion rates substantially.
  • BVMs are perfect for cost effectively announcing a television program, a grand opening of a thrift store, or another special event.
  • Finally, BVM’s can be used for short surveys and callers can be directed to a Congressional office or to a fundraising rep who can take a donation.
+ 0 %
In Conversion

Synergy sent a voice broadcast to 0-36 month active donors that was delivered just before a mailing arrived in-home.

+ 0 %
In Average Gift

The donor received a simple voice message thanking them for their support.

5 %
In Net Income!

The pre-mail voice broadcast improved the donor experience and produced 26% more net income per piece mailed than a control group.

As a small non-profit it can be difficult to find ways to connect with supporters on a large scale. The team at Synergy has enabled our organization to connect with our supporters in ways our small team just doesn’t have the capacity. Through our partnership with Synergy we’ve had the opportunity to personally reach out to thousands of our supporters in unique and impactful ways. We are truly grateful for the many services offered through Synergy and their willingness to creatively, effectively, and efficiently strategize new opportunities to engage with our supporters.

Donor Conference Calls

Can you imagine a better way to build value and loyalty among your High Potential Value donors than allowing them to interact directly with your CEO? This is exactly what Synergy’s “Donor Conference Call” allows you to do.

Synergy fully supports our solution. We help plan the call, to optimize donor engagement and participation. Our staff even supports the event, live as it unfolds. 

We help promote the event. We facilitate optimal donor engagement, and we provide robust reporting, analysis, and strategic recommendations at the conclusion of the Conference Call.

Reach out today for a free consultation and learn how your organization can benefit from this dynamic engagement program.

Active Donors in the Call

Synergy reached out to 60,000 active donors with an “urgent issue.” Over 5,000 joined the conference call.

Remained the ENTIRE CALL

Donors actively participated and contributed over 100 questions and comments during this “urgent call.”

$ 410981
In Gross Income!

A simple, non-soliciting pre-mail voice broadcast improved the donor experience and had a huge positive impact to net revenue, vs. those who received no message at all.

When COVID hit, we had an immediate and urgent need to communicate with large groups of donors to keep them abreast of the ever-changing demand for food and St. Mary’s response to that demand. Synergy presented an opportunity that was immediate, speedy and easy to deploy. With little lead time, and little set up, St. Mary’s Food Bank was able to communicate to more than 20,000 donors through four different Town Hall calls which resulted in donor loyalty and an big increase in second-year donor gift conversion rates.