Inbound Solutions

Inbound Call Handling

When a nonprofit or ministry client promotes its toll-free number on television or radio, the effectiveness of the Inbound Call Handling solution makes a major impact on the return on their media investment.

  • Our managed, multi-call center inbound solution is state-of-the-art. We produce a robust suite of reports that show us every aspect of the program’s performance down to the call center and even the agent level. We continually push to maximize each program’s bottom line results.
  • The Synergy team dives deep into the data, uncovering insights and marketing opportunities and pushes these out to our clients.
  • Our team are not only experts at maximizing the return on investment but also at Optimizing Call Quality. We listen to and score dozens of calls on myriad Quality Points and we use these scores to coach and manage the call centers to create an optimal “Experience” for the callers to our clients’ toll-free lines.

Synergy offers “White Glove Service” that any business needing inbound call handling services should consider. Our Program produces a large volume of calls, especially on Sunday, and the Synergy team consistently handles over 97% of them. Synergy focuses on maximizing Performance Metrics, especially around sustainer giving, and it has paid big dividends. For many of our supporters, when they call our toll-free numbers, it’s the first contact they will have with our ministry. Synergy makes sure it is an exceptional experience for them.