Broadcast Voice Messaging case study

Broadcast Voice Messaging -

Pre-Mailing to Lift Response

A Broadcast Voice Message that is delivered immediately before a mailing arrives in home creates greater awareness. More letters get opened and incremental response is realized.



The client is a nonprofit that provides morale-boosting services, social facilities, and other programs and relies heavily on private contributions and on funds, goods, and services from a variety of corporate and individual donors. 



The objective of this campaign was to test whether delivering a personal voice message immediately prior to a mailing arriving in-home would positively impact the results of the mailing.



A voice message of roughly 60 seconds or less was recorded by the President of the organization.  The recording was designed to play either to a live person if the call was answered, OR to the voicemail of an unanswered call.  The message simply thanked the donor and acknowledged the importance of her support. There was no element of solicitation within the message. 


The Test

To test the effectiveness of this concept, the audience to receive a direct mail campaign was split into two groups. The first panel would receive the Broadcast Voice Message prior to the mailing. The second panel (the control group) did not receive a Broadcast Voice Message. 

the results

Pre-Mail Broadcast Voice Message Results

The panel to which we delivered the personal voice message just prior to the donor receiving the mailing in home produced a 14% higher conversion rate and an 8.5% higher average gift.  The addition of the voice message created nearly $40,000 of incremental income, a lift of 26%!

DM OnlyDM + BVMChange %
Average Gift$25.35$27.51+8.5%
Net Revenue$153,246$193,034+26.0%