Mid-Level Donor Engagement case study

Saying More Than Just “Thanks”

Something as simple as a heartfelt voicemail can have an impact on your donor.



Impact of leaving a more personalized message on a donor’s answering machine.



Synergy’s Relationship Manager attempted to contact a donor whom she had never reached previously. Once again, she was unable to reach the donor via phone, so left her a “thank you”/”tried to reach you” voicemail. Also, with Mother’s Day’ approaching, she incorporated that language in her voicemail message. The additional language said “Happy Mother’s Day…whether a mom to children or animals. We as women are moms to all we care for…”

The following day, the donor called back tearfully thanking the Relationship Manager for thinking of her as she had a sick older dog. She informed us that she would be mailing in a check for $10,000. After this relationship was formed, the Relationship Manager continued to engage with the donor throughout the year and had several additional meaningful phone conversations.



By year-end, donor contributed $41,000 which was an all-time high. The 2 years preceding that, donor contributed $2,500 and $15,000 respectively.