Mid-Level Donor Engagement case study

Evaluating Portfolio Evolution Over Time

Though it takes time to build relationships, this example shows the positive effect of regular contact.



Evaluate portfolio revenue and retention based on ‘the length of time a donor is in a portfolio.’



Synergy’s Relationship Manager had (3) cohorts in her portfolio for the year. Cohort 1 was comprised of ‘existing’ mid-level donors who were in her portfolio for 12+ months. Cohort 2 was comprised of ‘newly added’ mid-level donors to her portfolio (i.e. first 12 months in a portfolio). Cohort 3 was comprised of donors who were transferred to her from a ‘previous Relationship Manager’ (12+ months in a prior portfolio). Donors were of like composition and performance was measured after 12 months.



Cohorts 1 and 3 both were both comprised of donors who were receiving personalized Relationship Manager treatment for 12+ months. Cohort 2 only had Relationship Manager treatment for the last 12 months.

Cohort 1 (existing Relationship Manager donors) generated 22% more YOY revenue with an 87% retention rate. Cohort 3 (previous Relationship Manager’s donors) generated 8% more YOY revenue with a 86% retention rate. Cohort 2 (new donors) generated 0.10% more revenue with a 74% retention rate. In this case, it is clear that donors who received portfolio treatment the longest (i.e. cohorts 1 & 3) generated more revenue and had a stronger retention rate than those donors recently added to the portfolio.

the results

It takes time to build relationships!

Existing Donors (12+ months in portfolio)New to Rel. Mgr. (first 0-12 months in portfolio)Transferred from Previous Rel. Mgr. (12+ months in portfolio)
Gross Records345206335
Gifts Per Unique Donor2.12.52.4
Portfolio Total ($)$632,101$338,648$686,884
YOY Change22.1%0.1%8%
Retention Rate87%74%86%