donor conference call case study

Donor Conference Call -

“Checking In” After the Start of the Pandemic

When COVID forced the world to largely shut down, nonprofits struggled with how to communicate with their donors. One large nonprofit decided to conduct an interactive Donor Conference Call to “check in” with donors and determine how they were doing and what they needed.



The audience included 80,000 donors, including high potential value, mid-level and major donors.  



The COVID pandemic had just started. One state after another had shuttered businesses, restricted travel by the public and in some cases, prohibited people from going outdoors. Nonprofits weren’t sure what was the appropriate way to reach out to donors. Synergy advised them to conduct conference calls in order to speak to donors directly, to check in on them, and to hear what they had to say.



After hearing so many donors tell us they were OK and that they wanted to help, we advised our clients to move forward with their fundraising boldly and unapologetically!