Donor Conference Call -

“Humanitarian Aid”

One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to bring thousands of donors together and to spur action and engagement in an urgent time of need is through a collaborative Donor Conference Call.



The client behind this project is a well-known and honored humanitarian relief organization, which for decades has provided community outreach in times of crisis. In this case, the organization needed to connect with its donor audience rapidly and in a very personal way.



Because of a looming need to provide humanitarian aid, the organization’s goal was to create awareness around an emergency situation and to raise urgent funds for assistance.



The organization engaged Synergy in a bold effort: together we would coordinate a conference call event that would attempt to bring together thousands of donors into a simultaneous conversation with an organizational figurehead. An outbound phone call was made to an audience of over 63,000 donors, inviting them to join the call, which was about to begin.

During the course of the 30-minute call, over 6,800 invitees joined the conference, 1,100 of whom remained engaged for the entire event. The call focused largely on cultivating the audience, informing the donors on the current situation and justified the need for additional humanitarian funds. 625 attendees responded to instant poll questions, and 110 people volunteered questions and comments directed at the speaker.

the results

Donor Conference Call Results

As a direct result of this conference call, that evening over $32,000 in donations were generated. Following the event, two major donors upgraded their giving commitments by a combined value of more than $7,000.

Key Performance Metric
Donors Invited Directly Prior to Call63,000
Maximum Attendees6,805
Donors Remaining Entire Call1,100+
Poll Question Responders625
Volunteered Questions/Comments110
Donations Generated$32,000
Upgraded Gifts by Major Donors (Post-Event)$7,000