Synergy Celebrates 20 Years of Serving Nonprofits

It is hard to believe it’s been TWO DECADES since Synergy was launched out of my basement. I built a
shiny new office space with a big heavy door. But inevitably, every time I had a conference call with a
client after forgetting to lock said door, my three little boys would come crashing through kicking,
screaming, and fighting. Thankfully, our clients were pretty understanding and here we are, still kicking
twenty years later.

What’s most amazing is that when we started, 100% of the services we offered were Outbound Tele-
Fundraising. Now, Outbound Tele-Fundraising represents just 5% of our business. Over time, we have
developed a robust base of Phone-based marketing solutions for our Nonprofit Partners that add
tremendous value to them because we allow them to really ENGAGE with their donors in ways that the
donors truly appreciate.

Synergy’s “Donor Conference” calls allow the CEO of a nonprofit to speak directly with high value donors
and the donors can speak back. Our “Person to Person” Text Messaging solution reaches donors that
simply aren’t reading the direct mail or emails. Our managed Multi-Call Center Inbound Solution allows
us to handle 97%+ of TV and Radio-driven Inbound calls, even on the largest programs. Finally, our Mid-
Level Donor Engagement program results in impressive numbers of Transformational Gifts!
What I am most proud of is we have developed truly unique solutions and for the most part, we are
providing them in ways that are completely unique within the marketplace.

I am thankful to the Synergy team. They are amazing! We also couldn’t do what we do without our
Platform Partners. Last but certainly not least, I am ever grateful for our 100+ Nonprofit Clients. They
are literally changing the world and they have given us the privilege of helping them.

Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions, LLC
480 W. Tuscarawas Ave. 3rd Fl.
Barberton, OH 44203

Timothy D. Logan, FAHP, ACFRE

Vice President, Mid-Level Solutions

Timothy D. Logan, FAHP, ACFRE has over 40 years’ experience in fundraising and nonprofit management.  Tim is responsible for developing and marketing Synergy’s Mid-Level Donor Programs.  

Tim is a leader in developing innovative multichannel direct response programs for major, mid-level and planned giving donors.  He has extensive experience using the phone to identify potential donors and deepen donor relationships.  Combining donor analytics and personalized donor messaging, Synergy’s Mid-Level Donor Solutions uses the phone to build relationships to increase donor support.

Tim holds a Masters of Nonprofit Management (MNO) from Case Western Reserve University and speaks and writes frequently on fundraising, nonprofit management, and building donor relationships.

C.J. McKendry

Director, Mid-Level Solutions

For over 20-years, C.J. McKendry has spent his career building lasting and meaningful relationships between nonprofits and their donors.

After serving as Call Center Director for an International Relief Charity, supporting an offshore operation in the Philippines, C.J. accepted an Ohio position as Vice President of Call Center Operations & Client Services for an inbound/outbound call center startup that ultimately grew to serve dozens of national nonprofits.

C.J. joined Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions in 2018 and has led the development of its Mid-Level Donor Engagement team, developing best practices as well as reporting and analytics that have driven very successful programs for a wide variety of nationally recognized organizations.

Rebecca Mugford

Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Rebecca Mugford has spent 20 years helping non-profit and commercial organizations develop best-in-class call center programs. With a focus on creative marketing, data-driven strategy, and business analytics, she helps organizations get the most out of their donor and customer interactions to drive return on investment and customer satisfaction and retention. She has worked with a who’s who of non-profits and political organizations as well as Fortune 50 businesses focusing on DRTV and inbound call center strategy.

Jill Avery

Vice President

Jill Avery is a marketing and Call Center expert with 25 years of experience in the nonprofit and for-profit space. She has an innate ability and drive to deliver and maximize results and efficiencies, to offer valuable insights for call routing strategies and scripting functionality and to maintain strong customer relationships.

Jill’s depth of knowledge and career experience is a unique asset that she brings to her role as Vice President of Inbound. She is a leader of excellence whose passion and drive brings out the best in our vendor partners. She openly communicates and builds trust. She cares tremendously for our call center partners and our clients and sees herself as a team member within each partnership.

Justin Henry


Justin Henry is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience. Justin is an expert at integrating phone-based communications designed to reinforce messages, build relationships, and enhance financial support. He serves over 100 non-profit clients, while leading multiple business units.

Justin has pioneered strategies to integrate Texting, Broadcast Voice Messaging, Donor Conference Calls, Mid-Level Donor Engagement, and Outbound Tele-Fundraising into his clients’ communication strategy to provide more personalized and dynamic messaging to donors, resulting in higher retention and more overall revenue from those donors.

Nick Stavarz

Founder and CEO

Nick Stavarz has over 35 years’ experience in the call center business and has served some of the nation’s largest and most successful nonprofit organizations.

Nick launched Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions in 2002, initially to provide Outbound Tele-Fundraising services to some of the most recognized nonprofit organizations, including Save the Children, Ducks Unlimited, American Bible Society and many others.

Under Nick’s guidance, Synergy has also become the premier provider for DRTV-driven Inbound Call Handling solutions for nonprofits and broadcast ministries. Synergy is also the leading provider of Strategic Texting solutions as well as Broadcast Voice Messaging, Donor Conference Calls, and Mid-Level Donor Engagement Solutions.