About Us
Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions, LLC is a direct marketing consulting agency that provides nonprofit organizations with comprehensive, “end to end” solutions to their inbound and outbound tele-funding, as well as other direct marketing needs.

Unique: The Synergy model is totally unique. Unlike most telemarketing companies, Synergy won’t try to sell you as many phone calls possible. Instead, we work to understand your marketing objectives and then design a strategy that achieves them, as cost effectively as possible. We provide all scripting, creative pieces, as well as manage the implementation and execution of the programs.

Synergy has built partnerships with the best contact center providers in the industry. We help our clients find the best solutions for their inbound, outbound, “live” person, or automated call needs. Because Synergy provides marketing and account management support for our contact center partners, they compensate us for our work. As a result, Synergy does not charge a retainer or any fee at all for most services.

Experienced: Synergy’s principals, Nick Stavarz and Curtis Stern have over thirty year’s combined experience in the tele-funding industry. They have helped hundreds of the largest and most successful nonprofit organizations in the world raise nearly a billion dollars. Let Synergy put that experience to work for you. Synergy knows how to design and manage tele-funding strategies that generate more response and revenue at a lower cost.

If you think your tele-funding can be more effective, you’re probably right. Call Synergy today for a free, no obligation strategic analysis and consultation.